Twitter to Host Weekly ‘Halo’ Watch Parties With Behind-the-Scenes Access (Exclusive)

The first watch party kicks off this Friday


Twitter and Paramount are teaming up for the launch of “Halo” on Paramount+ with a series of watch parties that aim to engage the show’s fans via a virtual water cooler.

The social media platform and ViacomCBS struck a deal last year to deliver new content around ViacomCBS’ biggest events, and the premiere of “Halo” on Paramount+ is the first such event.

The live-action TV series is based on the popular video game franchise, and the first episode is streaming on Paramount+ as of today.

To celebrate the launch of the premiere episode, cast members Olive Gray, Kate Kennedy and executive producer Kiki Wolfkill will be meeting virtually to discuss the video game adaptation and its impact on culture. The roundtable will indulge super fans with a live stream, behind-the-scenes peek into the making of the show with a special focus on the premiere episode. The event will happen on Friday, March 25th at 3pm PT.

After the inaugural event, there will be a weekly “After-Show Watch Party” for nine weeks, during which fans will be able to dive deeper into each new episode of the series. The live stream episodes will have an array of segments that explore different facets of the episodes and “Halo” universe. Some of those segments will center around behind-the-scenes highlights, fan segments, celebrity guests who love “Halo” and more.

The dates for the watch parties – which will be hosted exclusively on Twitter – are as follows:

  • Watch Party 1: Pre-Show – Friday, March 25, 3PM PT
  • Watch Party 2: HTSD 1 – Monday, March 28, 1PM PT
  • Watch Party 3: HTSD 2 – Friday, April 1, 1PM PT
  • Watch Party 4: HTSD 3 – Friday, April 8, 1PM PT
  • Watch Party 5: HTSD 4 – Friday, April 15, 1PM PT
  • Watch Party 6: HTSD 5 – Friday, April 22, 1PM PT
  • Watch Party 7: HTSD 6 – Friday, April 29, 1PM PT
  • Watch Party 8: HTSD 7 – Friday, May 6, 1PM PT
  • Watch Party 9: HTSD 8 – Friday, May 13, 1PM PT
  • Watch Party 10: HTSD 9 – Friday, May 20, 1PM PT

Set in the year 2552, the “Halo” TV series chronicles the journey of Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) after he fights off the Alien Covenant on the planet Madrigal. The show is set in its own, separate timeline from the canon of the video games so as not to disrupt the last 20 years of storytelling there, but aims to include characters, settings and events that will be familiar to fans of the video game franchise.