‘Hangover II’ Passes Original for All-Time Global R-Rated Comedy Record

Todd Phillips’ follow-up to his 2009 has hit the $488.7M mark globally, surpassing the $467.5M made by version 1.0

Last Updated: June 20, 2011 @ 12:19 PM

It's one thing for family titles like "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" to play big internationally, but good old American raunchy comedies are having a big time this early summer abroad, too.

On Sunday, Warner Bros. reported that its "Hangover Part II" has now grossed $256 million overseas, giving the film a global total of $488.7 million to date.

That beats the $467.5 million made worldwide off the first "Hangover," making the sequel the all-time top grossing R-rated comedy.

The first "Hangover" grossed $190.2 million internationally and $277.3 million domestically.