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Hannity Complains Trump Town Hall Was an ‘Ambush’ by Savannah Guthrie and NBC (Video)

Hannity referred to NBC as ”MSDNC“ and ”state-run television“ in his rant Thursday night

Much like other right wing political pundits, Sean Hannity had a pretty adverse reaction to the Trump town hall on NBC News Thursday night. He opened his Fox News show, which aired immediately after the town hall ended, with a rant decrying NBC as “state-run television” and referring to moderator Savanna Guthrie as “Joe Biden’s surrogate.

This dramatic response is because of how Guthrie pushed back against Trump whenever he delivered an evasive or overly vague answer to the questions, such as when he tried to justify retweeting a conspiracy theory that claimed Joe Biden had SEAL Team 6 murdered after the bin Laden — which the conspiracy claims was actually unsuccessful.

“You’re the president! You’re not someone’s crazy uncle who can just retweet whatever!” Guthrie replied during the town hall. And it was that sort of interjection that Hannity took exception to.

“NBC fake news did their best to just ambush President Trump at tonight’s town hall, uh, he pretty much debated Savannah Guthrie, and what we all witnessed was not journalism, it was a political debate with the morning host of ‘The Today Show’ serving as, well, Joe Biden’s surrogate and it didn’t really work out well for her,” Hannity ranted right at the start of the show. “Questions, topics, tactics, all reeking of nothing but pure political bias. Of course, in the first few minutes the president was once again asked for the four hundred millionth time to repeat what he has said over and over again: to condemn white supremacy.”

Then “Hannity” pulled up a montage of clips from the town hall, starting with noting that Trump has been evasive when asked about this topic recently, including at the debate with Joe Biden. Eventually, after much prodding from Guthrie, Trump says, “I denounce white supremacy.”

“Savannah, you need to get out of the New York liberal, elitist, out-of-touch bubble that you’re living in and maybe you read some other news or take a step outside the far left enclave that is conspiracy TV MSNBC DNC,” Hennity continued.

“President Trump has condemned, Savannah, white supremacy. Over and over and over and over again, and if you didn’t know, you should have known.”

After showing a few old clips of Trump saying Trump denounces white supremacists, Hannity kept going like this with another breathless soliloquy.

At this point, the abusively biased NBC just using white supremacy lie as their way again, once again, always again, to smear the president. They don’t care about facts, they don’t care about research, they don’t care about truth. They don’t care about fundamental fairness, especially not MSDNC News, which is completely corrupt as we saw tonight. It is a conspiratorial wing of the DNC, and basically nothing but state-run television,” Hannity said, even though Republicans control the government.

“They’re actively working to elect sleepy Joe Biden, and Guthrie’s own husband was Al Gore’s traveling chief of staff, what a shock. And needless to say this event, which was billed as a town hall, was nothing more than a contentious political debate with Guthrie interrupting the president again and again and again all the name of fairness.”

Should you want to watch the quoted portion of Thursday’s episode of “Hannity,” you can do so in the video embedded above, or on YouTube here.