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Hannity Loses His Mind Over Kamala Harris’ ‘Uncomfortable’ Debate Performance (Video)

The Fox News host complained about Harris’ ”awkward smiles“ in a lengthy rant to start his show after the vice presidential debate

Sean Hannity opened his Fox News show after the vice presidential debate between Sen. Kamala Harris and Mike Pence with fast-paced and breathless raving soliloquy about Harris’ performance Wednesday night. The rant brought up nearly every conservative talking point and complaint, real and imaginary, that has been leveled against Harris during this election cycle, and it actually took Hannity a while to talk about the debate itself.

“For the very first time since being tapped by Joe Biden to serve as his running mate, Kamala Harris tonight was forced to answer serious questions about her track record, her past comments, and yes, her frightening socialist agenda,” Hannity said, as the chyron described her performance as “cringeworthy.”

And it only ramped up from there. We’re just going to block quote the next part for you:

“And thanks to the corrupt media mob, which is all in on team Biden, Senator Harris has never been asked to seriously address any controversial issue. Like for example the time that Senator Harris said that she believed the sexual misconduct allegations against Joe Biden, or the time that she accused Joe Biden of coddling the reputation of segregationists. Those questions still need to be asked. Or the time that she all but called Joe Biden a racist on a primary debate stage and said she wouldn’t be a senator if the people he praise had their way.

“Or the time that in fact, it came up often, she co-sponsored the radical Green New Deal in the senate. Or the time she wanted to ban red meat, plastic straws, ban oil, gas, and yes, she said it, Joe’s said it, many times, we’ll prove in a minute, fracking. Or the time, by the way, she called for gun confiscation via executive order if Congress didn’t act the way she wanted. And let’s not forget the time that she publicly supported court packing. By the way, she again tonight refused to answer that question.

“I don’t think that’s gonna go over well. Or the time that she smeared judge Kavanaugh, that was brought up tonight, and tried to ruin his life. Or the time that she supported Medicare for all. Or the time that she supported taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants, or the time that she compared law enforcement to the Ku Klux Klan, in other words, ICE agents. Or the time that she supported a bail fund that got rioters and even accused child rapist out of jail, like she did in Minnesota. Or the time she praised Los Angeles for slashing the police budget. In other words defunding the police.”

After all that, Hannity pivoted to one of Pence’s less credible talking points from the debate.

Senator Harris has never been held accountable for any of this, and with just 27 days to go we got our first insight into all these questions she has never answered. That was until Vice President Mike Pence, he took matters into his own hands,” Hannity said. “And the vice president started by holding the Biden-Harris campaign responsible for plagiarizing what was the president’s plan in response to COVID-19.”

In the clip that “Hannity” showed, Pence says that “When I look at their plan that talks about advancing testing, creating new PPE, developing a vaccine, it looks a little bit like plagiarism.” It’s a specious claim by Pence there because those items would be common to nearly any serious plan for handling any pandemic. The Biden team certainly did not steal the idea for making a coronavirus vaccine from the Trump administration.

You can read a brief comparison of Trump’s and Biden’s pandemic plans here, and a much more detailed rundown of Biden’s plan here.

Hannity didn’t follow up on that, though. Instead he moved on to criticizing the fact that Sen. Harris made facial expressions during the debate.

“As you can see, it was pretty obvious all throughout the evening, the entire 90 minutes Senator Harris was very uncomfortable when confronted with the truth,” Hannity said. “At times she could do little more than make these awkward smiles and just shake her head and and clearly she blatantly lied over and over again.”

During his opening segment, Hannity also spent several minutes ranting about Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

You can watch the quoted portion of Wednesday’s episode of “Hannity” in the video embedded in this article.