Hannity Mocks Crowd Size at Socially Distanced Biden Event in Georgia (Video)

The Fox News host then praised Trump for drawing “tens of thousands” to his rallies during a pandemic

Sean Hannity opened his show on Tuesday night by leveling an odd criticism at Joe Biden’s campaign: the attendance numbers at his campaign events, which the Biden team has kept intentionally low so as not to aid in the spread of COVID-19. In the same breath, Hannity praised Trump for drawing large numbers of people into close quarters where few are wearing masks.

“Tonight, we are following both presidential campaigns. Today, Joe Biden actually managed to leave his basement bunker for a tiny — I mean tiny — rally in Georgia. Look at your screen, there are around, well, 30 people. That was it at Joe’s event in Warm Springs, Georgia,” Hannity said, describing the address Biden made to a small group of people who were kept at a distance from each other.

That rally wasn’t actually the main event though — after his speech in Warm Springs, Biden traveled to Atlanta for a “drive-in” rally for about 350 carloads of people. The attendance number was, again, intentionally limited due to the pandemic. Hannity did not mention that rally during these comments.

Hannity was using the brief clip from Warm Springs as a point of comparison with Trump’s rallies, which don’t require mask usage or COVID screenings, and allow in as many people as possible into tight quarters. Trump’s rallies are regularly followed by increased COVID infection numbers in the local areas.

“And meanwhile the president held three massive rallies today, including different states. One in Michigan, one in Wisconsin and one about to start right now in Omaha, Nebraska. We’ll dip into that rally throughout the night tonight, but look at your screen,” Hannity said as his show displayed images of crowds at a Colorado Springs rally from February.

The United States hit a new peak in daily coronavirus infections in the past week. More than 225,000 Americans have died from COVID-19.

Hannity continued: “Tens of thousands of supporters braving the cold and the rain, Waiting in line for hours just to see the president speak. This is happening at every stop that he has.”

“Hannity” did not show any images of the crowds from Tuesday’s rallies during these comments.

You can watch the quoted portion of Tuesday night’s episode of “Hannity” on Fox News” in the video embedded in this article.


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