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Hannity Trots Out the Mother of All Anti-Clinton Conspiracy Graphics, Confuses Everyone

”If I’m reading this right, Hillary just won the NCAA basketball championship,“ says one Twitter user

If you’re a big fan of conspiracy graphics like I am (I’ve been fortunate enough to appear in a few in my day), Tuesday’s episode of “Hannity” really hit the sweet spot. Host Sean Hannity showed off a series of graphics to attempt to sum up his various claims of Hillary Clinton corruption before — somehow combining all of them into one giant creation.

Of course, the full graphic does not quite include every item from every small graphic, because it would have rendered the thing unreadable even when displayed on Hannity’s big board.

I won’t bother to try to sum up what Hannity was trying to communicate with all this because even after watching the whole presentation, I’m not sure I get it. But if you want to give it a shot you can check out the video above.

In all, it took him 13 minutes to get through everything. But if you want the short version, here’s all the various graphics he went through, with the big one at the end.

hannity conspiracy graphic fox news 1

hannity conspiracy graphic fox news 2

hannity conspiracy graphic fox news 3

hannity fox news conspiracy graphic 4

hannity fox news conspiracy graphic 5

sean hannity conspiracy graphic fox news

There’s a lot going on here, and not all of it felt super clear to casual viewers who are not already steeped in all this stuff. Here’s an example of how several Twitter users interpreted all this.

March Madness started early this season, I guess.