60% of ‘Hannity’ Guests Since Biden Took Office Are Former Trump Officials, Study Finds

Of Sean Hannity’s guests since Biden’s inauguration, 30% were Trump family members

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A new administration has been in power since January, but Fox News’ Sean Hannity knows his audience and his sources and has stuck to covering former President Donald Trump, per a new analysis from The Washington Post.

The Post found that 60% of “Hannity” guests since President Joe Biden’s inauguration have been from the Trump administration. Further, 30% of guests have been from the Trump family (some of whom were also aides and advisers in the administration and failed re-election campaign).

Before, during and after Trump’s presidency, the Republican regularly appeared on Hannity’s 9 p.m. ET program and Hannity communicated with him often. The opinion host has outwardly supported Trump since the 2016 election. Hannity’s ratings have been consistently high and he goes back and forth with 8 p.m. Fox News host Tucker Carlson for weekly and monthly overall wins, so it’s clear the primetime audience for the network is interested in the Trump angle.

The analysis noted that viewers are frequently given days-long stretches of Trump family content: Lara Trump (now a Fox News contributor) appeared on “Hannity” Friday, Aug. 13, then again the next Monday, followed by the former president on Tuesday and his son Donald Trump Jr. on Wednesday. Lara Trump, who is an employee of the network itself, has appeared on 25 of the 47 episodes featuring family.

A representative for Fox News had no comment on the study.


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