Hannity: Trump’s Supreme Court Failure Is ‘Bad News If You Believe In Our Constitution’ (Video)

Contrary to Hannity’s desperate posturing, the conservative-dominated court cited the Constitution as reason to reject the suit

The United States Supreme Court opted to not hear the state of Texas’s attempt to overturn Biden’s victories in key swing states on Friday, effectively shutting the door on Trump’s efforts to upend the vote before the the Electoral College meets to finalize things next week. And Sean Hannity, predictably, was pretty mad about it, starting off his show Friday night with one of his standard angry rants.

“We start tonight with bad news if you believe in our Constitution, if you believe in a law, if you believe in equal justice, equal application of our laws, if you believe in free, fair elections that Americans can have faith in, confidence in, integrity in,” Hannity said dramatically to open his show on Friday.

“Because tonight, that Texas suit challenging in the election results in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin was rejected by the US Supreme Court. Although they have original jurisdiction, they have refused to even hear the case.”

From there, Hannity tried to explain that Republican support for the dubious suit actually has any bearing on whether the Supreme Court should hear the case.

“Now, remember, a very serious, legitimate challenge, garnered widespread support. 18 attorneys general, the president, six states actually joining the case, 18 states with briefs in support of the case. 126 members of congress supporting the case, including minority leader Kevin McCarthy signing on to support the brief. And they’re very real concerns, your real concerns, not even considered,” Hannity complained.

In reality, nothing Hannity mentioned there has any relevance to the Supreme Court. The reason SCOTUS rejected the filing is because of who filed it — the state of Texas — and who they filed it against — states other than Texas.

Here’s the official comment from the Supreme Court — which currently features six conservative members to three liberals — on the matter:

“The State of Texas’s motion for leave to file a bill of complaint is denied for lack of standing under Article III of the Constitution. Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections.”

Despite what Hannity would have you believe, the issue here is that one state is attempting to meddle in the affairs of another state, something that Article III of the Constitution doesn’t like.

Hannity would later applaud Justices Alito and Thomas for voting to hear the case, even though in Alito’s dissent he said he and Thomas “would not grant other relief.” Meaning they would have voted against it.

You can watch the quoted portion of Friday night’s episode of “Hannity” on Fox News in the video embedded up at the top of this article.


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