Harley Quinn Gets Her Own Batsuit in Season 4 of Max Animated Series (Video)

Plus a Bat-Bat…yes, seriously

When you join the Bat family, you get a super Batsuit — that’s just the rule. So yes, Harley Quinn will be getting a new outfit in Season 4 of the Max animated series.

“Harley Quinn” supervising producers Ian Hamilton and Cecilia Aranovich Hamilton revealed that “of course” Kaley Cuoco’s infamous DC baddie will be getting her own Batsuit during their appearance at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday.

The challenge came in designing that suit.

“It was tricky, you know, because Harley’s, as you know, regular outfit is pretty revealing,” Aranovich Hamilton said. “You know, there’s not a lot of coverage. So you think what she’s doing in the Bat family, you know, her costume will be a little more structured, will have more coverage, not showing so much skin.”

That said, Harley always has her own flair, and her Batsuit will be no exception.

“At the same time you want to make it fun and you want to personalize it to Harley a little bit,” she continued. Aranovich Hamilton added that the suit “went through so many versions,” but the final product is “conservative, but not super conservative.”

Indeed, in a first-look clip showed at the end of the panel, fans in the audience got a look at the suit, which is Harley’s classic pink and blue, and includes a mini-cape. Of course, Harley Quinn isn’t Harley Quinn without her bat, so this new look has one of those too.

Technically, it’s a Bat-bat — all black, and bearing the classic bat symbol of the family.

You can now see both in the trailer for season four of “Harley Quinn” below.

“Harley Quinn” season 4 begins streaming on Max on July 27.