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Fox News’ Harris Faulkner Wants a ‘Woke’ Debate Between Bill Maher and Jen Psaki: ‘She Hates the Woke and He Does, Too’ (Video)

”The Faulkner Focus“ host spoke with radio host Jason Rantz about the two media figure’s latest takes on ”woke“ culture wars

Harris Faulkner and her Fox News colleagues have long been stoking the flames of the “cancel culture” wars. But the host of “The Faulkner Focus” had an interesting proposal Monday to have two non-Fox media figures work out the truth of “woke” and its political impact on the debate stage in 2024: the respective hosts of HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher” and MSNBC’s “Inside With Jen Psaki.”

“You know what political debate I wanna see in the season of 2024? Jen Psaki and Bill Maher,” Faulkner said, speaking Monday with radio host Jason Rantz. “She hates the woke, and he does too! But she hates it ’cause they can’t fight it, and he hates it ’cause it’s gonna make them lose.”

What inspired the discussion between Faulkner and Rantz were back-to-back “woke”-centered weekend segments from “Real Time” and Psaki’s new MSNBC program, “Inside.” Friday’s “Real Time” first broke down how Maher feels about reparations for Black Americans, per a series of proposals out of San Francisco. “This is madness, is it not?” Maher said, further dragging the proposals for being “crazy.”

Psaki, meanwhile, dedicated her main segment Sunday to Republicans’ so-called “war on woke,” arguing that the GOP detractors “can’t explain it” and that, generally, “people don’t understand it.”

Rantz, for his part, agreed “a hundred percent” with Faulkner’s debate idea.

“When you shine a spotlight on the crazy, you get a better picture of what the Democrat party has become,” he said. “And it makes voters who are independent or even moderate Democrats feel more and more and more uncomfortable aligning themselves with the crazy ideas that are coming out there.”

Watch the full “The Faulkner Focus” segment in the video above.