Jen Psaki Pokes Holes in Republicans’ ‘War on Woke’: GOP ‘Can’t Explain It’ and ‘People Don’t Understand It’ (Video)

“You don’t need to be too worried about their war on woke,” Psaki said on her new MSNBC show

Jen Psaki isn’t exactly concerned with the GOP’s latest “hot button” issue, and she doesn’t think anyone else should be either. According to the former White House press secretary, it likely won’t be a “winning message,” just because of how confusing Republicans have made it.

During Sunday’s episode of her new MSNBC show “Inside with Jen Psaki,” the host put things bluntly: “You don’t need to be too worried about their war on woke,” she said. “Because the Republican crusade against ‘wokeness’ may not be as potent of a campaign issue as they hope.”

Psaki went on to pull up one of the many supercuts out there of Republican figures like twice-impeached former president Donald Trump, Florida governor Ron DeSantis, and more, all complaining about “woke” institutions and the “woke mind virus.”

But Psaki also pointed out that, to people like them, “woke” means “being overly political correct” instead of “being informed, educated, and aware of social injustices,” citing a recent USA Today poll which showed just that.

“Most people don’t think of the term ‘woke’ in the way that Republicans would like them to,” Psaki said. “It’s simply not the boogeyman they’d have you believe.”

Psaki also pulled up a recent interview that went viral, in which conservative author Bethany Mandel stuttered and stalled out a bit trying to define the term “woke” when asked point blank. In the end, the video illustrated Psaki’s core point.

“Just two cents from someone who has worked a few years in communications, if you can’t explain it and people don’t understand it in 15 seconds, it may not be the winning message you think it is. So, everyone out there, it sounds like you can let your woke flag fly.”

You can watch the full segment from “Inside with Jen Psaki” in the video above.