How Harris Faulkner Aims to Demystify COVID Vaccines for Communities of Color in Fox News Special

Faulkner told TheWrap she wants to “take a closer look at why some people in our minority communities are resisting the vaccines”

Harris Faulkner
Fox News Channel

Fox News’ Harris Faulkner will speak directly to communities of color Sunday when “The Shot” vaccine special airs on her network.

Ahead of the 10 p.m. ET special, Faulkner told TheWrap, “We’ll take a closer look at why some people in our minority communities are resisting the vaccines. Here’s part of the reason: There’s insecurity in America around the issue of food and resources in some of the challenged areas where people of color live.  And if you’re hungry, it’s not likely you have regular healthcare. And that matters because with regular healthcare you likely have a relationship with a doctor.”

She added, “And if you do have questions about whether something is safe like a COVID-19 vaccine, you have someone you trust to talk to about it.”

The special will feature interviews with two doctors — vaccine scientist Dr. Peter Hotez and Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel — and answer questions about the differences between different brands’ vaccines and what to expect after getting them.

Harris, host of Fox News’ “The Faulkner Focus” and “Outnumbered,” is the only Black woman at the helm of a daytime program on cable news, so this special is meaningful to her, especially during Black History Month. “The Shot” is her fifth COVID-19 special for Fox News.

“People have a lot of questions and it’s my dedicated life’s work to get them answers. So, on this Sunday night in primetime we’re listening to the experts and to Americans,” she said.


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