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Harry Connick, Jr. Super-Excited About Selfie With the Back of Leonard Nimoy’s Head (Video)

”American Idol“ judge had a hard time convincing Letterman this picture was ”beyond cool“

Harry Connick, Jr. still gets star-struck. In fact, he was apparently was so excited about seeing the original Mr. Spock on a recent flight, that he couldn’t even muster up the nerve to ask for a picture. Instead, the “American Idol” judge took a selfie angled so that he could get Leonard Nimoy‘s head into the shot.

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What made the shot hilariously awkward was that Nimoy was turned away, so it’s nearly impossible to tell for sure that it’s him. So basically, you have a picture of Harry Connick, Jr.’s eye in the foreground with a vague Leonard Nimoy-ish head in the background. Forget that Oscar selfie Ellen DeGeneres created, this is the one right here!

And yet, during his appearance on “Late Show,” Connick, Jr. was so excited about this photo that he simply had to show David Letterman. He described the picture as “beyond cool,” but had a hard time convincing Letterman and his audience that it was so.

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Still, it was pretty funny watching him try so hard to sell the awesomeness of his awkward selfie. His strongest argument — and he directed it specifically to Letterman’s audience — was to say, “I was technically in space with Mr. Spock.”

Well, close enough.

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