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‘Hatfields & McCoys’ Director Kevin Reynolds Goes Biblical With ‘Resurrection’

The LD Entertainment feature, about the 40 days after Christ’s death, is targeting an Easter 2015 release date

“Hatfields & McCoys” director Kevin Reynolds has signed on to direct “Resurrection,” a feature film that will recount the Biblical tale of Christ’s rising from the dead, LD Entertainment said Monday.

LD Entertainment chief executive Mickey Liddell and Patrick Aiello wjll produce and hope to release it around Easter in March 2015.

Reynolds’ “passion for the project and pedigree of beautifully directed films is ideal for ‘Resurrection’,” said Liddell.

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The film follows the first 40 days after the resurrection of Jesus Christ through the eyes of an agnostic Roman Centurion charged by Pontius Pilot to investigate rumors of a risen Jewish Messiah and locate the missing deceased body of Jesus of Nazareth in order to subdue an imminent uprising in Jerusalem.

Reynolds’ History Channel miniseries “Hatfields & McCoys” was among the highest-rated cable shows ever, and won five Emmys. He’s a prolific and veteran filmmaker, whose credits include “Tristan + Isolde,” “The Count of Monte Cristo,” “Waterworld” and the original “Red Dawn.”

Patrick Raymond will executive produce and oversee for LD Entertainment. Paul Aiello wrote the original script, and Karen Janszen and Reynolds have contributed to the production script.