‘Haven’ First Look: Mara Invades Nathan’s Personal Space (Exclusive Video)

The Syfy drama’s new resident villain knows how to use her resemblance to Nathan’s lost love against him

Nathan is still determined to bring Audrey back, but in the next episode of Syfy’s “Haven,” Mara is using their shared history to her advantage.

The already complicated relationship between Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Mara (Emily Rose) — the evil being who’s taken over his partner’s body — may be taking another turn, as evidenced in this exclusive clip (above) from Thursday’s episode, titled “Spotlight.”

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After Audrey made a brief appearance at the end of last week’s episode, Nathan has decided to hide Mara — chained up, of course — at a remote cabin he and Audrey used to frequent, while townspeople close in from outside with rifles and ill intentions for the woman responsible for all of Haven’s troubles.

But the tension inside the cabin is even higher, as Mara uses her access to Audrey’s memories to taunt Nathan about the last time they were there together.

“There looks like there’s only one bed, I don’t remember it being so tiny,” says Mara provocatively. “But the last time personal space wasn’t an issue, was it? We made s’mores,” she taunts.

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Nathan seems tempted as she suggests they pretend she’s still Audrey, especially in the small confines of their forced close quarters.

Watch TheWrap‘s exclusive preview above.

“Haven” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Syfy.