Jeremy Renner Borrowed Hawkeye Costume to Wear at His Daughter’s School and ‘Probably’ Won’t Give It Back (Video)

Marvel, think of this as payback for letting Chris Hemsworth get away with stealing multiple Mjölnirs

After being the only Avenger to respect Marvel’s “don’t take anything” policy throughout his time in the MCU, Jeremy Renner finally asked permission to borrow his Hawkeye costume to wear at his eight-year-old daughter’s elementary school. But now that he’s felt the rush of taking his own little piece of the Marvel world, he “probably” won’t be giving it back.

“Over the decade or so of doing ‘The Avengers’ and stuff, I never took anything, because they asked us not to and my mom taught me well, so I never took anything, right?” Renner, who is the star of Disney+’s upcoming “Hawkeye” TV series and Paramount+ drama “Mayor of Kingstown,” said during Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” “And then all the other Avengers took stuff! Those dirtbags, they stole something! Like, Thor’s got his hammer!”

Yeah, Jimmy Kimmel said Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor, actually has “not just one hammer” but “a whole bunch” of Mjölnirs lying around his house.

“So I finally asked, after doing the TV series, because I got asked to be the valet guy at my daughter’s school,” Renner said.

“They need help, when you drop off your kid at school, they need an adult to go, ‘Hey, where you from? What class you going to?’ and then you walk them to their classroom,” the “Hawkeye” star continued. “So I said, fine, if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it dressed as Hawkeye. Just to kind of plus it up.”

Kimmel asked Renner how that experience went, but Renner said “it hasn’t happened yet” — and once he does do it, he “probably” won’t be returning the costume he’s waited so long to own.

“So I figured I’d do it. That’s why I have the costume,” Renner said. “I don’t know if they’re going to ask for it back, I probably won’t give it back at this point. But I got it finally.”

Kimmel then asked Renner if he thinks his young daughter will be impressed to have her dad come to school dressed as his Marvel character.

“Nah, she barely knows I’m Hawkeye,” Renner replied. “She doesn’t know anything. She’ll know, ‘That’s daddy! You’re in pajamas.’”

Renner stars on the “Hawkeye” Disney+ series alongside Hailee Steinfeld. The show, which launches Nov. 24, takes place after the events of “Avengers: Endgame.”

“Yes, it’s current,” Renner told Kimmel. “Yeah, I can tell you it takes place pretty much as it’s released. It’s kind of like a holiday sort of event, if you will. It takes place in New York over the span of time that it’s actually being released. Not that it’s in real-time or anything, it just takes place over a week in New York over Christmas.”

Watch Renner’s full interview above.