Enjoy This ‘Hawkeye’ Themed Yule Log From Marvel Studios (Video)

Come for the fireplace, stay for the remembering all the great Christmas music featured in “Hawkeye”

Hawkeye Yule Log

Marvel Studios is feeling very festive today, as the company dropped a “Hawkeye” themed Yule Log for Christmas Eve.

“Grab some hot cocoa and cuddle up by the fireplace at #KateBishop’s inspired NYC apartment!” Marvel Studios tweeted from their Twitter account

The show just premiered its season finale on Wednesday.

This isn’t, precisely speaking, the same as a post-credits scene but we’re into it nevertheless. But if you’re wondering if “Hawkeye” Episode 6 has a credits scene, the answer is yes — though it’s slightly different from previous stingers.

Instead of teasing some future project or announcing a sequel series (seriously, get On that, Marvel), the mid-credits scene is the full length version of the musical number from the “Rogers: The Musical” Broadway show that was briefly glimpsed in the first episode of the series. You know, the in-universe Broadway adaptation of the events from the Battle of New York set to a song called “I Can Do This All Day.”

Honestly, our only complaint about it is that they didn’t produce an actual, full length “Rogers” musical and air that as a Disney+ special by itself. Cowards. Yes, we said it. If Marvel doesn’t like being called cowards, they can simply do the right thing and produce a full length version of “Rogers,” the musical and then air it as a Disney+ special.

OK, we’re kidding, we’re kidding, we swear. But honestly, we would watch that about 500 times.

We still don’t know if there will be a “Hawkeye” Season 2, but at least one spinoff has been confirmed. It was announced in November that Alaqua Cox will lead her own Disney+ series, “Echo,” focusing on her character Maya Lopez.