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‘Half Magic’ Director Heather Graham Explains the Power of Making a Wish (Exclusive Video)

Film about visualizing what you want premieres today

Last Updated: February 26, 2018 @ 10:30 AM

Heather Graham drew from her own life for her directorial debut, “Half Magic” — specifically, the power of visualizing what you want to accomplish.

“I had a group of friends, and we would get together, and we would make wishes for things,” she told TheWrap founder and editor-in-chief Sharon Waxman.

“We would support each other in making our dreams come true. And a lot of things started to happen… we would wish for things and they would come true,” Graham continued.

One of her wishes:

“I wanted to write a movie that was empowering to women, and I wanted to empower women, and I also wanted to find humor in all these things that had upset me, like bad relationships,¬†sexism in Hollywood, and just looking at my friends and going, ‘Why don’t they see how beautiful they are?’ or ‘Why don’t they make better choices with the guys they date?'”

The wish came true. “Half-Magic,” in which Graham also stars, debuts today.

Waxman spoke to Graham as part of “Power Lunch,” our new¬†monthly episodic series in which she will interview women in entertainment to discuss topical issues and their latest projects.

Watch the video above, and check in for more “Power Lunch” soon.