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Heeeyeaahhhhh! Howard Dean Volunteers to Lead Democrats Again

No need for a Draft Dean campaign, he’s in

If you were thinking what the Democrats need right now is more Howard Dean, he’s one step ahead of you.

The guy who recently accused our president-elect of sniffing cocaine, hit Twitter Thursday so explain what Democrats should do now, and volunteered to lead the charge. (We already know he’s great at making a “Heeeyeaahhhhh”-type noise.)

“The dems need organization and focus on the young,” wrote the former Vermont governor, who took over the Democratic National Committee shortly after the last time the Democrats lost a presidential election in 2004. He led it from 2005 to 2009, then went on to work for a health care lobbying firm.

How did Democrats react? Well. Twitter isn’t a very reliable cross-section of national opinion, or at least Dean should hope not, because reactions, were, um, mixed.

Here are a few:


Remember how much fun Democrats had watching Republicans spend most of 2016 fighting with each other? It looks like now Republicans get to do the same for a while.

The Washington Post reports that Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison — the first Muslim ever elected to Congress — could also become the new head of the DNC. That would be a rebuke of Donald Trump’s calls during the campaign for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country.