‘Heels’ Star Kelli Berglund on If Crystal Is Now Actually the DWL Champion, or…

We asked showrunner Mike O’Malley the same question

Heels - Crystal

(Spoiler alert: Stop reading this story right now if you do not want to know what happened in the “Heels” Season 1 finale.)

OK, so THAT just happened. In the main event of the “Heels” Season 1 finale, neither Jack (Stephen Amell), Ace (Alexander Ludwig) nor Wild Bill (Chris Bauer) climbed the ladder to win the DWL Championship. Crystal (Kelli Berglund), who was not even technically in the match (as the new Bunny Bombshell, she was valeting for “Wild” Bill Hancock), did instead.

So, she’s the Duffy Wrestling League Champion. Perhaps we should have re-punctuated that sentence: So, she’s the Duffy Wrestling League Champion?

It sure seems that way as the end credits roll, only, that’s not generally how wrestling matches — including a ladder match — work. So we asked Berglund, straight up, are you actually the champion?

Here’s what she wrote us back: “In the last moments of the finale episode, we’re left with a few questions. And quite a few emotions. The audience and our characters aren’t totally sure what happens next. It is shocking… but if I’ve learned anything from my research, yes—whoever snags that belt in a ladder match is the new champ. Hence the reason Gully (Mike O’Malley) was on a mission to steal the belt himself to stir things up.”

“Did Crystal just accidentally stumble into the spotlight? Absolutely. But someone had to save Ace and Jack from ruining their biggest match yet,” her note continued. “And with that comes our underdog Bunny Bombshell going home with a championship belt. Pretty awesome.”

Pretty awesome, indeed. But again, one typically has to be in a match to win the match.

We took this one straight to O’Malley, the “Heels” showrunner. Mike, is Crystal the champion, or…

“Great question!” he responded, adding: “This is not meant as a flip response, but rather as a true question that will go to the heart of how the DWL has to improvise their own success.”

Thanks, Mike. Real insightful. Loved you on “G.U.T.S.” (That part is actually true.)

Anyway, we get it — you’re holding out for a Season 2. So are we.

In an effort to answer this cliffhanger (and not feel like we’ve gone insane), this TV editor/sometimes wrestling reporter brought the same query to a long-time veteran executive in the real professional wrestling business.

“It’s however the promotion books it,” our legend, who has no involvement with “Heels,” told TheWrap. “I’ve certainly seen worse title changes…”

You’ve all been a tremendous help.