Heidi Klum Teases Her Halloween Costume Is So ‘Gigantic’ NYC Will Need to ‘Close a Few Streets Down’ for It (Video)

The supermodel tells Jimmy Fallon she’s not dressing as a Transformer, despite his best guess

Heidi Klum is known for pulling off unbelievable (and unpredictable) Halloween costumes. During an interview with Jimmy Fallon on Friday’s airing of “The Tonight Show,” Klum revealed a few details about this year’s ensemble.

She teased, “It’s gonna be gigantic, and I have to close a few streets down here in Manhattan, which is very hard to do, by the way.”

Fallon’s interest was piqued. As audience members laughed, he asked, “Are you a Transformer? Like an 18-wheeler?” in reference to Optimus Prime. As Klum stumbled over her words, he added, “Like a robot? A giant truck robot.”

“I guessed it,” he added triumphantly.

“No, you didn’t,” Klum replied.

The model has been throwing her annual Halloween party since 2000, when she dressed as a dominatrix, sporting accessories that also drew comparisons to Hot Topic employees.

Other costumes of note have included 2001’s turn as Lady Godiva (complete with a live horse), 2008’s take as Kali, the Hindu goddess, 2011’s reveal as a human body (laid out on a stretcher without skin), 2018’s “Shrek”-themed costume, and 2021’s mom of the dead zombie outfit.

Last year, Klum pulled off perhaps her most incredible transformation yet when she arrived to her party dressed as a very realistic, very gigantic worm.

Watch the interview with Fallon in the video above!


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