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‘Hellboy’ Trailer: David Harbour ‘Smashes Things Real Good’ in First Look (Video)

Reboot directed by Neil Marshall opens April 12

Hell yeah. David Harbour stars in Lionsgate’s remake of “Hellboy,” playing the red-headed, demonic, super-demon from Mike Mignola’s original graphic novels.

In the film, Hellboy is caught between the worlds of the supernatural and human as he battles an ancient sorceress bent on revenge. And if you’re wondering whether why a monstrous looking figure like Hellboy is fighting evil, why don’t you just ask him. Though tread lightly.

“Who you calling monster pal? You look in the mirror lately,” Harbour’s Hellboy snarks in the trailer.

The trailer’s a little light on the character’s backstory, but it has plenty of CGI and apocalyptic mayhem with Hellboy taking his massive gun and power glove into battle, which is exactly why we’re here.

That’s because it’s been over a decade since we saw Guillermo del Toro’s iterations of “Hellboy” with Ron Perlman in the title role, and though a third film from that team never came to fruition, this latest entry stars Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane and Sasha Lane, and is directed by Neil Marshall (“Doomsday”).

Lionsgate is releasing the rebooted film with hopes that it could become a lucrative graphic novel franchise moving forward.

Watch the first trailer above. “Hellboy” hits theaters on April 12.