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Help Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Win an Oscar in ‘Red Carpet Rampage’ Video Game

Throwback game pokes fun at long-snubbed star, Academy diversity problems, Kate Winslet

A web-based video game is giving you the chance to land Leonardo DiCaprio his first Oscar, for which he is long overdue according to fans worldwide.

“Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage” is a hilarious sprint to the Dolby Theater, reminiscent of low-bit classics like “Super Mario Bros,” in which users tap furiously to get DiCaprio closer to an Academy Award hovering just ahead in the distance.

Along the way, little Leo must battle fellow nominees Michael Fassbender (dressed as Steve Jobs), a spacesuit-clad Matt Damon and Eddie Redmayne in full costume from “The Danish Girl.”

The game is broken up by mini-challenges — helping DiCaprio crawl to his limo, an acting intensity trial and the perfect sendup of the Academy’s diversity problems in “Find The Black Nominee,” in which players need to scan the faces of nominees to find the non-white person (spoiler alert: it’s impossible).

“Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage” was created by The Line Animation, part of Electric Theatre Collective. It was designed by Max Van Der Merwe, with concept, artwork and design by Bjorn-Erik Aschim and Sam Taylor. The parties involved did not immediately return TheWrap’s request for further comment.

DiCaprio, of course, is nominated in this years’ Best Actor category for “The Revenant,” a performance that’s netted him the Golden Globe and Screen Actors’ Guild awards. We’ll see if he can score his first Academy Award on Sunday Feb. 28, live on ABC.

Play “Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage” here.

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