Henry Cavill Shares Why Using John Williams’ Iconic Superman Theme for ‘Black Adam’ Cameo Was a Must

“John Williams’ theme song is obviously incredibly important to the character,” the actor says

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Warner Bros.

Henry Cavill recently opened up about the history of John Williams’ iconic Superman theme from the 1978 classic superhero film and why it was used for his cameo in “Black Adam.”

In the film’s post-credits scene, Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) gets a message from Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) that he’s not to leave the country, at which point Superman arrives and suggests the two of them should talk. In the DC comics, Black Adam and Superman are frequent adversaries, resulting in physical fireworks each time they do battle. 

In an interview with Cinemablend, Cavill talked about the importance of John William’s theme and how it is still recognized around the world.

“John Williams’ theme song is obviously incredibly important to the character,” Cavill said. “It’s something which resonates with the character and everything time I think anyone in the world hears that, I think a large portion of the world who hears that will recognize it immediately as Superman and feel a certain way about it, and I do think it’s wonderful.”

However, Cavill hasn’t forgotten about Hans Zimmer’s amazing score from 2013’s “Man of Steel.”

Cavill added: “But at the same time, equally so, I think Hans Zimmer’s ‘Man of Steel’ score was just as wonderful. I have incredibly powerful feelings about that because I remember watching the trailer, the first teasers come out, and I was sitting there with my friend and we were both so excited about it and the way the score plays. Both are incredibly powerful in their own way and both are just as iconic for the character. It was just such a pleasure to be back in the suit, whether it be John Williams or whether it be Hans Zimmer, they’re both extraordinary, extraordinary artists.”

“Black Adam” is currently playing in theaters.