Henry Cavill Learns to Fly in ‘Man of Steel’ DVD Extra (Video)

The behind-the-scenes clip features filmmakers explaining how they made Superman “fly faster than he’s ever flown before”

Superman tore through the sky almost as fast as he tore through Metropolis’ biggest buildings in Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel,” and a new clip from the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray release shows just how the production pulled off the visual effects.

Henry Cavill, who played the Kryptonian hero in Warner Bros. summer blockbuster, is shown (above) being suspended from wires and rigging in front of a green screen before being digitally rendered to appear as if he’s flying — or jumping — faster than a speeding bullet.

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“Man of Steel” debuts on home video on Nov. 12.

The sequel, which will star Ben Affleck as Batman, began filming scenes in Los Angeles over the weekend, and is scheduled for theatrical release in July of 2015.