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Here’s What It Would Take for Issa Rae to Perform at Trump’s Inauguration (Exclusive Video)

”They would [have to] move my lips for me,“ HBO’s ”Insecure“ star tells TheWrap

Issa Rae has strong feelings about both President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump.

The “Insecure” star recently met the outgoing president at the White House, and could not have been more excited.

“I’m just excited that my mom got a hug [from Obama],” Rae told TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell. “I got that on video, she got a hug and a kiss… To have him come down, and then not only shake my hand but stop because he recognized me and Yvonne [Orji], we were both so excited… He points to me and he tells Yvonne, ‘oh, she’s having a good year.’ and I was like, ‘Is he… what? Is he talking about me?'”

Rae also expressed her desire to have Obama make a cameo appearance on the second season of her HBO comedy, after he’s left office.

When it comes to Trump, however, Rae would rather keep her distance. So what would it take for her to perform at the Inauguration, an event he’s having trouble booking talent for?

“If I died and they ‘Weekend at Bernies’ed me, so they just propped me up,” Rae said. “That’s literally the only way I would perform. I would just be like [lifeless], and they’ll move my lips for me.”