Here’s ‘The Good Wife’ to Explain the Iowa Caucuses (Video)

Let Margo Martindale’s Ruth Eastman explain how caucusing works — on the Democratic side, at least

Gov. Peter Florick’s presidential hopes are dashed. But that doesn’t mean his campaign has nothing to offer the American people.

In a “Good Wife” episode last month, Florick’s campaign manager, Ruth Eastman (Margo Martindale), explained to the Florick family (and viewers at home) how Iowans do their primary voting.

Actually: She only explains how Democrats caucus. Republicans do it differently. Still, the episode provided a helpful dramatization of what Iowa voters are doing today.

And of course, it’s been kind of oversimplified for television. Here’s a more detailed account, straight from Iowa, on how Iowans will go about casting the country’s first votes in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Watch the video above.

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