Here’s the Loophole That Would Give Lord and Miller a Han Solo Director’s Cut

If eligible, Disney would have to let fired directors edit a version of the film

Phil Lord Chris Miller The Flash

Phil Lord and Chris Miller may be fired as the directors of the untitled Han Solo film, but a little-known loophole just might force Disney to let them make their own cut of the film.

It’s a longshot, for sure — but it could happen. Here’s how.

A rule from Directors Guild — the union that represents movie directors — says the pair have the right to cut their version of the film from the nearly four-month shoot they mounted earlier this year. The catch? They only get to if at least 90 percent of the movie was finished on their watch.

It’s almost a guarantee that the film is not that far along, as Oscar winner Ron Howard is stepping in to handle the rest of the movie. Howard will shoot additional scenes with the cast that includes Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo in July., Star Wars films are also packed with special effects, which take months to create in the editing room.

“A director who is replaced after directing ninety percent (90 percent) but less than one hundred percent (100 percent) of the scheduled principal photography of any motion picture shall be the Director of the film entitled to all the post-production creative rights set forth,” the agreement reads.

“No one shall be allowed to interfere with the director of the film during the period of the Director’s Cut. There shall be no ‘cutting behind’ the Director as that term is commonly understood in the motion picture industry,” the rules continue.

Even if they met requirements and pursued their own cut of Han Solo, Disney would be under no obligation to put that version in movie theaters.

The DGA agreement is full of interesting details, by the way. It sets forth rules about parking (you gotta give the director a spot close to set, and drive he or she to and from location) and has parameters for people shooting footage underwater. Read it here.

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