Here’s the Trailer for ‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 in All Its Trekkie, Semi-B&W Brilliance (Video)

First footage gives us lots to think about

The new teaser trailer for “Black Mirror” Season 4 leaves us with lots of questions: Why is Jesse Plemons dressed like a “Star Trek” character? Is there an entire episode shot in black and white? Will we ever sleep again?

Netflix dropped the episode titles and descriptions for the upcoming season, which somehow still doesn’t have a release date but is expected before the end of the year. Some things we knew already, like that Jodie Foster is directing an episode called “Arkangel” that will star Rosemarie Dewitt.

Other things were a little mind-blowing, because that’s what “Black Mirror” does. Especially the scenes from”USS Callister,” which looks like it may do to “Star Trek” what “Game of Thrones” did to King Arthur — reimagine all the nobility with cynical, real-world brutality.

“Metalhead” is at least partly shot in black and white, and features a storefront with a rolling metal gate, which we all know is the scariest thing on earth. Also kind of scary is the robot that pops to life.

And there’s another episode with the word “Black” in it — we remember you, “Black Christmas.” This one is called “Black Museum,” and the institution in question is in the middle of a desert and looks kind of abandoned. We’re confident nothing weird goes on there.

Check out the trailer above, and then enjoy feeling jittery for the rest of the day.