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Here’s What Happened in ‘Frozen’ Right After Elsa Brought Olaf to Life Singing ‘Let it Go’ (Video)

Disney+ short film ”Once Upon a Snowman“ starring Josh Gad is available now

We know you’ve watched the video for “Let It Go” from “Frozen” a million times, and in it you’ve seen Elsa quickly materializing a snowman that would become Olaf. What we don’t see is immediately after that, and this new clip for the short film “Once Upon a Snowman” gives an origin story for everyone’s favorite hug-loving snowman.

“Once Upon a Snowman” is a short film that’s spunoff from “Frozen” starring Josh Gad that begins just as he wakes up after Elsa sings her iconic anthem. This clip shows that her cape effortlessly floating off into the distance actually collides with Olaf and sends him tumbling down a snowy cliff. And now he’s having an instant existential crisis.

“I’m alive! Who said that? I said that,” Olaf says in the clip. “I appear to be some sort of snowman. How absurd, how is it that even possible? What am I even saying? Who am I?”

“Once Upon a Snowman” then shows the rest of Olaf’s journey around the mountains of Arendelle just as the rest of the action is going on in “Frozen,” and you can check out a full trailer for the film here.

The short is directed by Trent Correy, who supervised Olaf’s animation sequences in “Frozen 2,” and Dan Abraham, a veteran story artists who boarded Olaf’s song “When I Am Older” from the sequel.

What’s more, “Once Upon a Snowman” is available to stream now only on Disney+. Check out the clip for the short film above.