HFPA Elects New Board of Directors

Members elected 12 internal directors to the Board, which will then select three outside non-members

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has elected its new Board of Directors, which will include 15 total directors, with 12 active members and three non-members.

Members elected the 12 internal directors. They are: Helen Hoehne, Gabriel Lerman, Sabrina Joshi, Yukiko Nakajima, Scott Orlin, Kirpi Uimonen, Henry Arnaud, Barbara de Oliveira Pinto, Barbara Gasser, Tina Johnk Christensen, Greet Ramaekers and Armando Gallo.

Of the new members, five (Arnaud, Lerman, Joshi, Gasser and Ramaekers) have never served on the Board before. The Board is now comprised of 2/3 women.

The Board will then select the three outside non-members, rounding out the total to 15.

The results come less than three weeks after the HFPA membership approved its new set of bylaws, which required the Board of Directors to include three outside non-members. All of the new board and committee members will undergo Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and leadership training, and later this week, the HFPA members will vote for a new President.

The HFPA is also seeking a new Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Human Resource Officer and Chief Diversity Officer.

Additionally, a new credentials committee was chosen: Michele Manelis, Barbaros Tapan and Alessandra Venezia.

“Our bylaw vote in early August was an important signal to the industry that we intend to keep our promises on reform,” Ali Sar, President of the HFPA, said in a statement. “Today’s election results build this new, stronger governance structure for the HFPA. We are confident that with this new Board – and soon, a new President – accountability, diversity and inclusion will be at the heart of everything we do.”


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