Why Hilary Swank Is So Optimistic About Filmmaking’s Diverse Future (Video)

Sundance 2019: “It’s such a beautiful time for storytelling,” Swank says about the increasing opportunities being provided to women in acting

Hilary Swank says it’s a “beautiful time for storytelling,” telling TheWrap at the Sundance Film Festival that she is optimistic about the increasing opportunities being provided to women in acting.

“We’re being more inclusive of everybody…I’m seeing more stories across my desk that are more diverse and interesting and representative of the world that we’re living in,” Swank told TheWrap CEO Sharon Waxman in an on-camera interview.

Swank is at Sundance for her latest film, “I Am Mother,” a postapocalyptic thriller set in a future where automation has led to societal collapse.

The two-time Oscar winner plays a human woman discovered by a child and her android caretaker, who has watched over the child since she was an embryo.

Swank says the role is an example of how older women in Hollywood are getting more interesting roles, following a 2018 in which actresses such as Glenn Close and Olivia Colman have earned Oscar nominations and critical acclaim for meaty roles.

But for Swank personally, the actress said she’s never had a problem finding challenging or engaging roles.

“I’ve always chosen roles that are real people, so I never have to worry about how I look or how I look on film,” she said. “It’s about something we connect to inside.”

Hear Swank’s thoughts in the clip above.