Hillary Clinton Ambushed by Conservative Pundit Who Asks Her to Sign Book for Christopher Stevens (Video)

Jason Mattera asks former secretary of state to dedicate a copy of “Hard Choices” to the ambassador slain in Benghazi

Hillary Clinton, Christopher Stevens, Jason Mattera, Benghazi

Conservative ambush journalist Jason Mattera confronted Hillary Clinton during her book tour to ask her to sign a copy of “Hard Choices” for the late U.S. ambassador to Libya who was killed in the attack on Benghazi.

“If you could make it out to Christopher Stevens,” Mattera said. “I think you knew him.”

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Clinton was caught off-guard by Mattera’s demand and simply signed her name.

“Yeah, I’m not gonna make it out to Chris Stevens,” Clinton said.

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“What difference does it make?” Mattera replied, taunting the former secretary of state’s remark that she made to the U.S. House Oversight Committee hearing in 2013.

Clinton kept her composure and walked away.

“I think it would be great if you read it,” Clinton said.

Mattera is known for his guerrilla journalism techniques; he is perhaps most famous for ambushing Vice President Joe Biden about comments he made about rape.

Watch the video: