‘View’ Guest Host Will Cain and Whoopi Goldberg Fight Over Whether Hillary Clinton Smoked Pot (Video)

“I think she did,” Cain says. “If I’m a betting man, she inhaled.”

Gotta love “The View” for covering the really important stories of our time: Did Hillary Clinton inhale?

“The View” panelists discussed Hillary Clinton’s recent comments to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that she refrained from smoking marijuana in her youth.

“I didn’t do it when I was young. I’m not going to start now,” Clinton told Amanpour.

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“People have a huge issue with this, because they feel like, she must have done it,” Whoopi Goldberg said.

Guest host Will Cain did not believe Clinton.

“I think she did it. If I’m betting man,” Cain said. “Look, Hillary was running around in radical left circles in Chicago in the ’60s. Maybe dating Bill Clinton?”

“Oh my god,” Goldberg said. “So that makes her a pothead?”

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Goldberg pointed out that show executive producer Bill Geddie never smoked pot.

“Bill Geddie is not a politician, that’s the point,” Cain said. “Hillary Clinton is above all things, a politician, which makes her not a truth teller.”

Goldberg thought Cain was being a “bonehead.”

Watch the video: