Hillary Clinton Thinks Donald Trump Is ‘Dangerous’ Because He Appeals to ‘Worst Instincts of Human Nature’ (Video)

“His demagoguery is no longer amusing,” Democratic presidential candidate says while firing back at her potential opponent in the general election


Hillary Clinton has recently joined the long list of people that have been targeted by Donald Trump, and she’s finally firing back.

In a preview of Clinton’s interview with MSNBC’s Al Sharpton, which will air Sunday, Sharpton asked the democratic candidate to give her thoughts on GOP presidential candidate, and she didn’t hold back.

“You know, Reverend Al, he has been stoking prejudice and paranoia,” Hillary responded after making a noise of disgust. “He’s been really appealing to the worst instincts of human nature. I think it’s dangerous, his demagoguery is no longer amusing.”

Sharpton further fueled the fire, reminding Clinton that Trump had previously called her “shrill.”

“He’s called me a lot of things now that he’s running against me,” she said. “Before he called me a great senator and great secretary of state. That’s what a demagogue does; they say whatever they need to say to stir up the passions of people.”

Indeed, Trump has been attacking Clinton in recent weeks, calling her “damaged” and “Deleter Of The Free World” — a reference to the controversy surrounding emails deleted from her White House server.

On Monday, during an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, he took a moment to slam Clinton again.

“We look at the job that Hillary did as secretary of state — she goes down as perhaps the worst secretary of state in history,” Trump said. “And when I run against her evenly in the polls, I’m doing very well against Hillary and beating her.”

Watch the video.