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Hillary Clinton Has a Way to Make Debate Candidates Follow the Rules: Trap Floors (Video)

That’s one way to get them to be quiet

Hillary Clinton was just as frazzled from Tuesday night’s presidential debate as most everyone else was. But she came to her guest appearance on “The Late Late Show With James Corden” with a solution for keeping the age-old tradition dignified.

Trap floors.

“It looks like the debate commission’s gonna change the rules. I don’t know whether Trump will abide by them, but they’re gonna try to give the moderators, you know, more control. Maybe they’ll have a kill switch on the mic. Maybe they’ll have a button to push and the floor drops out, I don’t know! But something,” she said, laughing.

Watch a short clip of her appearance below or a longer version above.

The former Democratic presidential nominee, who debated Trump herself ahead of the 2016 election, analyzed the performance of her party’s current nominee, Joe Biden, against President Donald Trump and his barrage of interruptions, distractions and insults. She would know what to look for, as she faced much of the same behavior from the former businessman and reality star.

Clinton praised Biden for holding his ground “in the face of that, you know, 90-minute onslaught.”