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Hillary Clinton Ruins Perfectly Good Mannequin Challenge by Blinking Next to Bon Jovi (Video)

From the top then?

This Mannequin Challenge will make you miss the Ice Bucket Challenge — at least that one was for charity.

The current silent-and-still social media phenomenon, which started modestly in the high school ranks, has made it all the way to the likely 45th President of the United States. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton totally ruined her turn by falling back on her heels and even blinking a few times.

You had ONE job to do, Hill. Hopefully her command of the country is better than that of her eyelids.

Otherwise, by TheWrap‘s count, upwards of 20 others on this plane played their parts flawlessly, including Bill Clinton and a guitar-strumming Jon Bon Jovi. That’s because it’s not too hard to literally do nothing for a few seconds. (And Donald Trump would suggest she successfully did exactly that during her years as Secretary of State.)

Whatever. The message was important: “Don’t stand still,” Clinton tweeted out. “Vote today.”

Watch the attempt below, and watch TheWrap’s attempt at the Mannequin Challenge here.