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Hillary Clinton Thinks ‘Aliens Have Seized’ Rudy Giuliani’s Brain (Video)

“Truly he’s been possessed,” Trump’s 2016 presidential rival tells James Corden

Hillary Clinton said she doesn’t “know what happened” to Rudy Giuliani, but she’s surprised he’s changed so much from the time when they worked together.

“It’s almost like aliens have seized his brain,” Clinton told James Corden on Tuesday night’s “Late Late Show.”

“He was a tough guy. He was a mayor. He was mayor during 9/11. I was a senator. I worked with him,” she said of Giuliani, a man the CBS late-night host identified as a “key player” in the impeachment inquiry into Clinton’s 2016 presidential rival, President Trump.

Clinton went on to say that she has been “totally” surprised by Giuliani’s recent behavior and “demonstrably untrue” comments, citing his claim during the 2016 campaign that he didn’t see her at Ground Zero in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001.

“Of course, the internet started putting pictures of me standing next to him,” she said, referencing photos that show the two of them touring Ground Zero together the day after the attacks. “So I’m looking at that and I’m thinking, ‘Truly he’s been possessed.’ I don’t understand when it happened but it is a very clear case of a man who has gone over the edge. Probably pushed.”

Daughter and fellow guest Chelsea Clinton then jumped in and said: “We need an exorcism.”

Corden said an exorcism would be a “great taped bit” and offered to “pull the demons from him” on the show.

Watch above the video above, via CBS.