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Hillary Clinton Too Busy for ‘Making a Murderer’

Clinton gets confused after a voter asks her about the Netflix series, for some reason

Good news, Hillary Clinton supporters: Your candidate is too busy running for president to binge-watch “Making a Murderer.”

At an Iowa town hall, one voter decided, for some reason, that a woman whose itinerary includes celebrating her own birthday might somehow have time to enjoy hours of Netflix. She does not.

When asked her thoughts on the Netflix series and its implications for the criminal justice system, Clinton indicated she didn’t know the show before giving an answer that referred to racial injustice. The defendants in “Murderer” are white.

“I think we do have a systemic problem in our criminal justice system,” Clinton said, according to The Daily Caller. “It is true that there’s enough evidence to show that if you are an African-American man you are more likely to be arrested, charged, convicted and incarcerated for doing the same thing as a white man. And there’s just a lot of evidence of that. And of course, if you are poor that makes it even more likely.”

Right, sure, but: But how did the car end up on the lot, Madame Secretary? And what’s up with the blood vial? And the texts? Let’s talk about the issues.

Of course, hundreds of thousands of Americans think President Obama has all the time in the world to watch “Making a Murderer,” too.

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