Holiday TV Movie LGBTQ Diversity Update: As Lifetime Debuts Lesbian Rom-Com, Hallmark Looks to More Inclusive 2022

Hallmark’s Lisa Hamilton Daly and Lifetime’s Amy Winter tell TheWrap about cable channels’ new slates

One year after debuting their first holiday TV movies featuring LGBTQ characters and storylines in significant ways, Lifetime and Hallmark Channel are rolling out 2021 slates with varying degrees of progress built on those initial steps toward onscreen diversity in the genre.

For Lifetime, which last year had “The Christmas Setup,” the channel’s first-ever movie starring gay leads, the move was a big one: the premiere of “Under the Christmas Tree,” its first movie featuring lesbians as the couple at the center of a holiday romance.

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Jennifer Maas

Jennifer Maas

TV Reporter • • Twitter: @jmaasaronson