Hollywood Heavies Give Big to Boot Lauren Boebert From Congress

Barbra Streisand, Jackson Brown, Isabella Allende and others join effort in Colorado to help elect Adam Frisch in 2024

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In his battle to unseat MAGA-touting Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert, Democratic challenger Adam Frisch is tapping into a surge of support in Hollywood.

According to Federal Elections Commission records released this week, industry Democrats are giving big to Frisch with the hopes of denying far-right Republican Boebert a third term. Contributors to Frisch’s fundraising haul — which topped $3.4 million last quarter — include Barbra Streisand, Jackson Browne, “Evergreen” songwriter Paul Williams, along with actor Ryan Reynolds and “The Incredible Hulk” producer Gale Anne Hurd.

This helped Frisch out-raise Boebert by more than 3 to 1 last quarter. The Aspen money trader’s list of supporters also includes a number of studio executives and producers — among them former CBS Entertainment Chairwoman Nina Tassler, “Hoffa” producer Cotty Chub, and Propagate CEO Ben Silverman — all eyeing the chance to send Boebert back to Rifle, Co., her tiny hometown on the western side the Continental Divide.

While most industry donations typically benefit presidential and senate candidates, occasionally Hollywood kicks in cash to seemingly random U.S. House of Representatives races. This time Boebert, who barely won her Colorado District 3 seat over Frisch in 2022, has become an obvious target for Dems hoping to recapture the House in 2024.

In the 2022 election, Boebert edged Frisch by 0.16 percent of the vote, after outspending him. She spent almost $8 million during that campaign, to Frisch’s $6.7 million. But this time, Boebert is facing stiff competition from GOP primary challenger Jeff Hurd.

Long-time GOP political consultant Steve Schmidt took to Twitter to express his his support for Frisch, saying the Democrat “speaks about working FOR the people of Colorado’s 3rd district, not just making waves and creating chaos like Lauren Boebert.”

Currently, Frisch has $4.3 million in cash on hand, compared to Boebert’s $1.4 million. Even so, the Democrats are taking nothing for granted.

With dual strikes in Hollywood this season inhibiting Democrats from traveling to Los Angeles for in-person fundraisers, some members of the entertainment industry have been using the ActBlue donation portal to make quick contributions, according to a review of finance records by TheWrap.

Frisch’s list of Los Angles supporters includes an interesting mix of backers, including actress Heather Thomas, “The Road” producer Steve Schwartz, “Matlock” director Dean Hargrove, and Chilean author Isabelle Allende, who is now living in the Bay Area.

“It’s a tough time to be raising money in Hollywood,” said Los Angles political consultant Rick Taylor. “It’s hard to do anything because of the strikes. People still want to find a way to be supportive.”


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