HCA Will Take ‘Actionable Steps’ to Improve ‘Hostile’ Work Environment Alleged in Nikki Fowler Exit

The former Hollywood Critics Association president resigned Friday stating, “For my own well-being I am stepping away”

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In a message to its members, the Hollywood Critics Association board responded Wednesday to former president Nikki Fowler’s resignation, which alleged a “hostile” work environment, among other accusations.

“First and foremost, we want to recognize her contributions to the organization and the
outstanding leadership [Nikki] gave,” the letter began. “The goal has always been (and remains) to take HCA onwards and upward by elevating the members of this organization, and Nikki was a staunch advocate of this.”

In her resignation letter to the critics association on Friday, Fowler described a “hostile, biased and dismissive executive work environment” that was “not in alignment with the original duties offered when elected president last year.”

“As a woman in leadership, I attempted to assist the organization on many variables with many being dismissed which included calling for proper formation since last year, committees, spearheading sales, bias training and accountability on harassment,” she said.

Other members of the HCA, including Variety’s senior awards editor Clayton Davis, resigned from the organization last year. The association was established in 2016 as a branch of the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society with over 100 members. In addition to providing a platform for multimedia journalists not attached to mainstream outlets, the group contains more diversity than other critics groups.

“As a relatively young organization, we must continue learning, reflecting, adjusting, and growing to become the best version of what the HCA can be,” the HCA’s letter continued. “Rest assured, the Board has immediately begun taking actionable steps to ensure any necessary improvements are made, following our core foundational values as guiding principles.”

What those “actionable steps” are, however, were not detailed in the board’s response.

“Thank you all so much for your continued support and understanding. The HCA would be
nothing without its membership,” the board’s letter concluded.