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Hollywood Men Recognize ‘Time’s Up': ‘We Have to Unite’ (Video)

Armie Hammer, Sam Rockwell and Kumail Nanjiani reflect on the ”Time’s Up“ at the Palm Springs Film Festival

There is no corner of Hollywood that the sexual harassment and assault epidemic hasn’t touched — even glittery award shows.

The good news is that the stars of the annual golden trophy season were game to discuss rampant accusations, gender inequality and the sea change that Hollywood is looking toward.

“Kurt Vonnegut said it best, that artists are sort of  like the canary in the coal mine,” Armie Hammer told TheWrap at Tuesday’s Palm Springs International Film Festival awards ceremony. “What happens with artists sort of happens first in society.”

In the time that Hollywood harassment has been exposed, women in Silicon Valley, the American auto industry and other fields have come forward with accounts of abuse.

“It’s indicative of social change, a change that needs to happen,” Hammer said.

Watch the video above for more thoughts on the Time’s Up movement, featuring Timothee Chalamet, Sam Rockwell and Kumail Nanjiani.