Pandemic 2.0: Where Does Hollywood Go From Here?


Planning is impossible. It is an excruciating time to be in the entertainment business

Where do we go from here? The entertainment industry has been valiantly hanging on since the start of the global pandemic but how long can Hollywood be expected to hold its breath?

In the interest of protecting the lives of our most vulnerable, the industry adjusted – shuttering live entertainment, theme parks, movie theaters and all production known to mankind. This full-on halt ground on for three aching months. Tens of thousands of entertainment jobs were wiped away. And no amount of PPP funds could soften the blow for a company like Disney – with theme parks and movie releases and TV advertising all in time-out.

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Sharon Waxman

Sharon Waxman, is the founder, CEO and Editor in Chief of TheWrap. She is an award-winning journalist and best-selling author, and was a Hollywood correspondent for The New York Times. Twitter: @sharonwaxman