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Hollywood, Music World Remember Tom Petty: ‘First Artist I Ever Listened to’

”Feels selfish to want more, but I always will,“ Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted

It’s no surprise that the stars of Hollywood and the music world stars paid tribute to to rock n’ roll legend Tom Petty, who died Monday at 66 after after being found unconscious in his Malibu home.

Musicians who were inspired by Petty came out in droves to talk about their experiences with the man and his music.

Guitarist John Mayer said that he covered Petty’s songs “because I wanted to know what it felt like to fly.”

The band Nickelback posted on its account that the man’s music “has been a huge part of our lives.”

“Hamilton” creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted that he was “grateful for Tom Petty’s music.”

“Feels selfish to want more, but I always will,” he added.

Petty’s music was heard by many, and some took to the social media platform to share their memories with the music.

The news hit people especially hard following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, which left over 58 dead and hundreds injured on Sunday night. Both Sheryl Crow and Stephen King were heartbroken by the news, but referenced the other tragedies of the day.

Combined with the continued devastation in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, Petty’s death only added to the national sadness.

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