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Hollywood Stars Freak Out Over Prospect of Trump Win

“I don’t know if this helps, but here’s a pic of my dog Grumpus back in 2005,” Patton Oswalt tweets

While the U.S. was locked in a national grip of anxiety Tuesday night as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton battled it out neck and neck in the polls, a slew of Hollywood stars turned to social media to share their stress.

Twitter acted as an online therapist for millions of people across the country who were becoming increasingly nervous as the results rolled out.

“I don’t know if this helps, but here’s a pic of my dog Grumpus back in 2005,” comedian Patton Oswalt tweeted, along with a photo of a very cute pup.

And yes, it did help, thank you.

Mia Farrow simply tweeted “Xanax,” while Adam Lambert expressed disbelief that so many people were really voting for the Republican presidential candidate. “Anyone voting for Trump: did you watch ANY of the debates?? I mean….. C’mon!” he asked.

“I said BREATHE. (I am talking to myself too, y’know),” “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote. We’re trying …

Over in England, which is five hours ahead of the East Coast and eight hours ahead of the West, British celebrities such as J.K. Rowling stayed up late to watch the events unfold.

“One way or another, history will surely be made tonight. Let it be the good kind. Please, please let it be the good kind,” the Harry Potter author wrote.

While Sarah Silverman reminded everyone that Brexit happened there not so long ago too.

See the emotionally-charged tweets below.