Hollywood Wants to Press Delete Button on Net Neutrality Repeal: ‘Nobody Is Asking for It’

FCC voted on Thursday to strike down Obama-era regulations on internet service providers

FCC Holds Vote On Repeal Of Net Neutrality Rules
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Chris Evans, George Takei and Alyssa Milano were among the Hollywood stars to speak out against the FCC’s decision on Thursday to strike down net neutrality regulations.

Spearheaded by Chairman Ajit Pai, a former Verizon attorney, the FFC’s “Restoring Internet Freedom” proposal passed along party lines, undoing Obama-era regulations that barred internet service providers from speeding up or slowing down access to certain websites.

“EVERYONE should care about this! It benefits no one unless you’re a faceless, mega corporation. NOBODY is asking for it,” Evans said in a tweet following the ruling.

“Please RT + join me in taking a stand in support of ,” singer and Oscar winner Common pleaded.

The decision was also widely criticized as a boon for large corporations at the consumer’s expense, allowing internet service providers to slow down or block access to its competitors.

A recent University of Maryland study found 83 percent of Americans — including three out of four Republicans — were against lifting the 2015 rules. A record near-22 million comments were submitted to the FCC over the summer, with 60 percent pushing back against plans to repeal.

The Writers Guild of America, West also released a statement on Thursday condemning ruling and threatening legal action to protect a free and open internet.

“The Chairman’s position is not based on what’s best for our nation,” the guild said in a statement. “In his view the future of the internet should be decided by a few powerful gatekeepers whose monopoly control over Internet access allows them to decide what content reaches viewers. The WGAW is ready once again to join with its coalition partners and take legal action to protect the open Internet.”

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