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Honest Trailers Turns Its Eye Toward ‘Rogue One’ (Video)

”…the most money anyone’s ever spent to fill a plot hole“

After getting its Blu-Ray release last week, “Rogue One” is finally getting an Honest Trailer after hundreds upon hundreds of YouTube comments pleaded for Screen Junkies to turn their satirical eye toward a movie whose title they can’t seem to spell.

“Seriously, guys, you need to learn how to spell ‘Rogue’,” Honest Trailers star Jon Bailey says.

After getting the mandatory prequel jokes out of the way, the video digs into the movie it calls “the most money anyone’s ever spent to fill a plot hole,” asking why Jyn Erso spends so much time following others’ orders if she’s such a rebel, why Cassian always solves problems by killing things, and why K-2SO has more personality than any of the flesh-and-blood characters in this movie.

But Honest Trailers keeps its most biting jape for its signature “starring” section, where it compiles all the amazing shots that were used in the trailers for the film but kept out of the final cut: the Jyn vs. TIE Fighter battle that never happened, Forest Whitaker not wearing a wig, and the shots of Jyn working undercover in a Death Star corridor and Stormtroopers wading through the waters of Scarif that were used in all the promo material.

Check out the Honest Trailer for “Rouge One” in the clip above.