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Horrifying Turkey Video Shows Tank Crushing a Car in the Street (Video)

Military coup is underway as president urges citizens to stand up to soldiers

A chilling video shows a military tank crushing a car in the streets of Istanbul as Turkish citizens helplessly fight back with sticks.

The scene comes from Turkey’s ongoing military coup, which broke out Friday after months of terrorist attacks and instability in the U.S.-allied country.

The scene appears to be from a commercial-heavy section of Istanbul, a city literally divided between Europe and Asia.

It includes towers and places of worship that predate the Crusades alongside hip coffee shops and clothing stores that wouldn’t be out of place in L.A. or San Francisco. Tanks in the street are far from the norm, however.

This video purports to show tanks in the street of Ankara:

The videos came soon after Turkey’s president, Recep Erdogan, vowed on state television to fight against the attempted military coup of the country — but was forced to give that pledge in an interview from his smartphone.

“Those who attempt a coup will pay a heavy price in the courts,” he said in an interview on TRT via FaceTime.