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‘House of Cards': Kevin Spacey Went to ‘Whip Meeting’ With Top Republican (Video)

Sadly, it’s not as exciting as it sounds

Kevin Spacey confessed on “The Daily Show” Tuesday that he went to a whip meeting with a top Republican — but it turned out not to be as exciting as it sounds.

To research the role of Frank Underwood on “House of Cards,” Spacey followed House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, as well as House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy.

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“I followed him around for a while,” Spacey said of McCarthy. “He even invited me to a Whip meeting, which was really interesting.”

The audience cheered.

“Giuliani shut most of those places down,” Stewart intoned.

“Bastard!” said Spacey.

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As we saw in Season 1, Underwood’s “House of Cards” character has some kinks. But, disappointingly enough, it doesn’t sound like they were inspired by McCarthy. Apparently a Whip meeting is just some boring government thing where they work out procedural stuff.

Spacey also told Stewart that watching politicians in actors reminded him of “performance art” — “And most of them are bad actors.”

Watch the interview: